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A Project Emerald Aire is Currently Involved in:

Elk Lodge: https://vimeo.com/326355400/5d42a34556

Design Engineering and Estimating


Emerald Aire is an award winning HVAC/R design and build contractor. In addition, we are a complete Building Control Contractor ranging from a simple wall thermostat to Direct Digital Controls (DDC). With full time mechanical engineers and CAD designers on staff skilled at producing drawings quickly and accurately, we have the capabilities to design your current project.


Emerald Aire des in-house design/build HVAC. Our staff includes professional mechanical engineers. We not only have the ability to engineer your HVAC/R project, but also Value Engineer (VE) your project. We can provide you with stamped mechanical engineered drawings.

Aire Engineering

Aire Engineering is Emerald Aire’s sister company formed to provide engineering services for customers who need an experienced design team to take their projects from design development through construction.

Aire Engineering’s strengths are producing a functional HVAC design that meets or exceeds customer expectations and local codes.  Their designs are cost effect and because of their close relationship with Emerald Aire, Inc. are feasible to install.

Aire Engineering, Inc services include:

  • Professionally Engineered HVAC Designs

  • Insured Designs

  • 3D drafting capability

  • On-Site coordination between Electrical, Plumbing, Fire Sprinkler, and the Building Structure using 2D & 3D superplots .

  • Use of the latest AutoCAD technologies MEP2012, REVIT & Navisworks

  • In house plotting, scanning, copying capabilities.

2D Floor Plan

3D Wire

3D Solid