Emerald Aire, Inc.

Excellence and Integrity

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The company was formed as a corporation in February of 1985. Its primary business was HVAC Service, Maintenance, refrigeration and gas piping. The original founders were Ron Richards, Russ Hunter, and Doug Happe. Both Ron and Russ retired and Russ passed away in 2002. Doug is the remaining founder and current president of the corporation.

In 1995, Emerald Aire, Inc. and Sound Air, Inc. merged. Sound Air was primarily a Sheet Metal Fabrication and Installation company and merged well with the mechanical, service, maintenance and piping activities preformed by Emerald Aire, Inc. Linda Dupuis-Fricke was the sole owner of Sound Air and became the President of the new company, Emerald Aire, Inc. Linda was president until she left the company in 1999. Doug became the majority stock holder and John Ridge purchased Russ’s stock. Doug and John are the resulting current stock holders.

On January 1, 2000, the beginning of the new millennium was also the beginning of a new era at Emerald Aire, Inc. The corporate structure was dissolved, and the “company” was restructured as a “team” organization. A basic philosophical change occurred that would set the stage for how Emerald Aire, Inc. would operate for years to come.

Today Emerald Aire provides exceptional HVAC service to our fans in the Commercial, Residential, Service, Planned Maintenance, Refrigeration, Controls, and Sheet Metal Fabrication arenas. We are fortunate to have an exceptional backlog of work scheduled by our fans. We look forward to serving you!

Team Structure


At Emerald Aire “Team” is not a slogan. It is how we operate. We believe we deliver better results to our fans through the strength of our team. And with no fans, there is no team.

We the players at Emerald Aire are committed to:

  • Our Team 
  • Playing the game of HVAC
  • Knowing that quality is the foundation of our game
  • Understanding the importance of safety
  • Being passionate and proud about how we play the game
  • Getting it done right the first time
  • Being reliable, competent, dependable and committed to the team
  • Placing our fans in the highest regard


Our Mission

Emerald Aire is a team that values and generates loyal fans, inspired players, and a winning scorecard.

Our motto is:

“Excellence And Integrity”